Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Extract Review

Genesis Today Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee bean extract is supposed to be seriously potent in chlorogenic acid, a natural substance that helps the body to absorb and use glucose, rather than store it as fat. Genesis Today is a well respected company, offering pure supplements and high quality products, so it made sense to try out the Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Extract.

Fortunately for me, this stuff seems to make a difference. I didn’t magically lose a ton of weight, as I said, it wasn’t like I had a ton to lose. But even after a few weeks I started to feel that my clothes fit more loosely. And best of all, I feel great and have tons of energy – so getting out and doing active things while not craving junk food is also easy!

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We have been engaged in the health supplement business since 1999 and we are currently following the hot diet trend with Pure Green Coffee Extract being used for dieting.


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