A Summary of the Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

Green Coffee Bean Extract Study shows encouraging results. There are a lot of crappy weight loss tools and products on the Internet. Miracle fat burners that don’t actually work are very popular for a moment, and then everyone figures out that there’s no such thing as a miracle weight loss pill. Exercise routines or machines that require that you work really hard but don’t offer a comprehensive solution are expensive; you might as well get a gym membership.

After a recent study about green coffee bean extract, pure green coffee bean extract for weight loss is being hailed as the next miracle. What did that study tell us, really? Can you lose weight by taking green coffee extract?

The Facts About Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

The take away message from the study is that if you take pure green coffee bean extract you will lose more body fat and weight than if you don’t take a supplement. But that doesn’t mean it’s a miracle.

In fact, participants in the study were all working out and eating a healthy diet. Some participants took a placebo, some took a low dose of pure green coffee bean extract capsules, and others took a high dose. But everyone ate a healthy diet that was balanced for nutrition, healthy fats, productive calories, and with the overall goal of losing weight.

And guess what? The participants taking the high doses of pure green coffee bean extract capsules lost the most weight and the most body fat.

The Internet Goes Wild

That result is why everyone is advertising green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Because it worked in a study where people taking the supplement were compared against people who didn’t take the supplement.

Will it work for you? The results of the green coffee extract study would indicate that your weight loss efforts will benefit from the addition of pure green coffee bean extract. Taking a supplement, however, is never enough. If you eat greasy, fatty foods that your body can’t digest properly, you’ll still store that food as fat.

This green coffee bean extract study (done by Scranton University) will probably help a lot of people to lose weight. Sometimes all we need is that little extra boost to get us going. It may be that with some extra energy, you will be able to get more from your workout and you’ll feel more motivated to eat a healthier diet. Pure green coffee bean extract is the right kind of boost.