Caffeine or Green Coffee Beans?

Is it just the caffeine, or does green coffee bean extract help you lose weight?

A lot of people are talking about taking pure green coffee bean extract for weight
loss. The buzz is not unwarranted, in fact, a recent clinical study showed that green
coffee extract helps people to lose weight faster. But many people are asking just
what it is about pure green coffee bean extract capsules that is helping people to
lose weight. Will drinking coffee the same results?

Details of the Study May Clarify Some Things

Unfortunately, nobody knows whether or not taking green coffee extract is better
than drinking coffee. However, it’s hard to imagine that you can drink enough coffee
to give you the same results as an extract of the green beans. And if you already
drink coffee, what then?

The study was conducted to test whether or not people who were already working
to lose weight would benefit from the added use of a pure green coffee bean extract
for weight loss. All the participants were eating a healthy diet and getting regular
exercise in an effort to lose weight. Some of them were also given pure coffee bean
extract while others took a placebo.

In the end, the results were great for people taking green coffee extract. They lost
more weight and especially more body fat than the people taking the placebo.

But What About Caffeine?

Caffeine is known to boost your energy, and for some people all they need to get on
the weight loss track is a bit of an energy boost. We’re all tired from working hard
and being so busy all the time. Working some exercise into the routine is difficult.
But with a bit of a boost, you can probably get yourself out there to work out a bit.

It could be that the caffeine levels, and possibly the unroasted green coffee extract
has a slightly different type of caffeine, are a big part of why green coffee bean
extract works for weight loss.

But scientists who worked on the study are not convinced that it’s just a caffeine
boost. It may be that there is something in the unroasted green coffee beans that
helps your body to metabolize fats differently. If this is the case, then the only way
to get the benefits of pure green coffee bean extract for weight loss is by taking the
capsules or drinking the liquid extract.