Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Green coffee extract is getting all the buzz these days among people who are looking
for an inexpensive weight loss aid. Sure, you may be working out and trying to eat
healthier, but without relatively quick results it’s easy to get discouraged. Many
people just want a little added help from a natural and safe supplement, and Genesis
Today pure green coffee bean extract seems to be a great option.


Rather than looking at the results that one person has had with green coffee extract,
let’s look at the scientific study that was recently released. A group of participants
who were all overweight were put on a low calorie, balanced, and healthy diet. They
were all given the same exercise routines and were also given a weight loss pill as
part of the plan.

But not all the weight loss pills were the same. Some were placebos, some contained
low doses of pure coffee bean extract, and others had high doses of pure green
coffee bean extract.

The results were positive, and the people who lose the most body fat and overall
weight were in that last group, the ones taking pure green coffee bean extract
capsules with the high dose.

Does Brand Make a Difference?

In many ways, the brand is not the important part of the supplement. But what the
brand puts in the capsules or the liquid is important. Genesis Today pure green
coffee bean extract is exactly what it says it is. This is a pure and safe supplement
and the company stands by their methods of extracting the essence of pure green
coffee beans.

Some brands are cutting corners by adding fillers and selling their low doses at a
cheaper price. No matter what, green coffee extract is inexpensive, but if a company
packages their product slightly differently and ads some fillers, they can make a few
extra bucks. Genesis Today pure green coffee bean extract is actually pure, so you
get good quality for your money.

The Bottom Line

If you are starting a new exercise routine, or you have recently started to watch
what you eat – or both – in an effort to lose some weight, a green coffee extract
supplement can help you. Genesis Today pure green coffee bean extract is a great
option. It may help you to get over that initial weight loss hump and keep you
enthusiastic about your weight loss plan.