First for Women Magazine Features Green Coffee Bean as Dr Oz’s Fat Burning Miracle

Dr. Oz was recently featured on the First For Women Magazine talking about green coffee bean and raspberry ketone as fat burning miracles. Dr. Oz is a very powerful figure in the United States, he has his own television show and is widely respected by doctors and medical professionals. He was introduced to television by Oprah Winfrey herself. In the September 10th issue of First For Women Magazine, Dr. Oz discussed the green coffee extract and raspberry ketone diets very positively, even going as far to call the miracle fat burners. They had been featured on his show previously, but it appears that he is really supporting these products as he continues to talk about them in numerous areas of his life.

Raspberry ketone
The raspberry ketone diet is something that is naturally found in raspberries. Raspberry ketone is actually the primary aroma compound in natural, red raspberries. There a lot of different products throughout the world that use raspberry ketone, not all of them being in the weight-loss industry. For instance, perfume, cosmetics and other types of products, even food, all use raspberry ketone for enhancement. However, this natural compound can be extremely expensive. At about $20,000 for every kg, raspberry ketone is not the cheapest weight loss product on the market. Raspberry ketone is one of the few products that is full ESP approved. The food and drug administration officially put raspberry ketone on their list of generally recognized as safe (GRAS) products in the year of 1965. So as you can see, this product has been around for quite some time and it is quite popular. The science behind raspberry ketone proves that it can have some positive benefits. When raspberry ketone was injected into mice at high doses, approximately 2% of their overall body weight, it was shown to reduce the amount of fat found in their body weight. Essentially, this helped the mice lose weight. High doses of raspberry ketone are expected to have similar benefits in humans. Dr. Oz supports raspberry ketone extract, suggesting that it is as beneficial as consuming about 90 pounds of real raspberries.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green coffee bean extract is another health supplement that Dr. Oz is very excited about. Recommended as a fat burning miracle, this product is a natural weight loss supplement that can really work. During research, members were able to lose several pounds within just one short week. There are no reported side effects or complications with this natural product either, it’s completely safe to take for your body. You can find pills for green coffee bean extract that contain about 800 mg of pure green coffee bean extract. You still should have no fillers or additives greedy and, they should be completely pure. When you couple this weight loss supplement with regular exercise and low calorie dieting, you can expect to lose a significant amount of weight. This should help you burn fat and maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life.

This article appeared in the September 10th, 2012 issue of the magazine.

Dr. Oz does not endorse any brand of supplements and never will. We do sell many green coffee bean extract at Speedy Health Supplements, check out what you should be looking for on the label of Green Coffee Extract to determine if it contains the proper ingredients to get the results your are hoping for.