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2014 Weight Loss Ideas

With 2014 fast approaching, green coffee bean extract being used as a weight loss aid is still very much alive and remains on the top ten weight loss supplements list. Dr. Oz has recommended Green Coffee bean extract made with Svetol or GCA. These are important because they are tested and have been used in […]

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Best Green Coffee Extract GCA is Life Extension CoffeeGenic 400mg

Our Choice for Best Green Coffee Extract with GCA We considered a lot of brands when trying to pick the best green coffee extract GCA class. some where cheap, others didn’t contain enough green coffee extract that was made with GCA. Others still that I looked at contained a mixture of both GCA green coffee […]

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Differences Between GCA and Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extracts

Many people have watched the Dr. Oz Show and have reviewed his recommendations on to which green coffee bean extract to buy for fat burning. Dr. Oz guideline on choosing a good green coffee extract are as follows: Make sure that is contains GCA or Svetol Green Coffee Extract in the bottle It should be […]

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Dr. Oz Reveals If Green Coffee Bean Extract Works for Weight Loss or Not

In a recent TV Show, Dr. Oz talked about if Green Coffee Bean Extract works for weight loss or not. And he conducted his own study to get the answer. The truth may surprise you. Make sure to watch the re-airing of the show on Sept 2nd, 2013 to find the real answer. Click below […]

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Do meal replacement shakes work?

Losing a significant amount of weight requires consistent effort over a fairly long period of time, which can seem overwhelmingly daunting when you first start out. There is a wide array of quick-fix methods available, each one promising faster results than the next. The bad news is that most fad diets, fasts and other shortcuts […]

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10 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

Exercising regularly is not only necessary for immediate weight loss and long-term health; it also has proven benefits as far as regulating mood and enhancing a sense of well-being. Even so, staying committed to consistent exercise can be difficult, especially if you hit a weight plateau or become so accustomed to your workout that you`re […]

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What Are the Best Types of Exercise to Maintain Your Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most rewarding accomplishments, but once you have achieved your goal weight, the work doesn’t stop. Studies vary, but experts suggest that somewhere between two-thirds and 90 percent of those who lose a significant amount of weight gain it all back   plus more   within two to three years […]

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African Mango Clinic Study Suggests Fat loss Benefits

Consumers all around the planet are providing rave testimonials about the fat reduction capacities of African Mango. This wonder fruit is grown in components of Africa and is fairly unlike the standard mango. Also referred to as Irvingia Gabonensis, it truly is very rapidly scaling up the recognition charts of preferred fat loss supplements. A […]

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Top Weight Loss Myths That Are Untrue and Should Not Be Believed

The weight loss industry has a lot of myths that surround it. These myths can be toxic to someone that is trying to lose weight, because they make you believe things that are simply untrue. By reading this article, you will uncover many weight loss myths that you should avoid believing, for your own well-being. […]

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Why You Should Consider Weight Loss Supplements Rather Than Weight Loss Surgery

It’s important to consider weight loss supplements, rather than weight loss surgery because surgery can be very dangerous and it is a drastic measure that should only be taken by extremely obese people. When you are obese to the point to where your excess weight could actually kill you, having surgery is a viable option. […]

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