Top Weight Loss Myths That Are Untrue and Should Not Be Believed

The weight loss industry has a lot of myths that surround it. These myths can be toxic to someone that is trying to lose weight, because they make you believe things that are simply untrue. By reading this article, you will uncover many weight loss myths that you should avoid believing, for your own well-being. By not believing these myths, you will have a much better chance of losing weight because you will be on the right track and only following advice that is tested and proven to be true.

#1 – Stress has nothing to do with weight gain

This is a complete myth and it has been proven that stress actually has a lot to do with weight gain. When you get stressed out, you are more likely to eat excessive amounts of food because your brain is craving dopamine releases. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in your brain that is part of the reward circuitry, it is released when you do things that your body knows are good for you. Eating is one of those things that will release dopamine in the brain, and every time you eat foods, large amounts of dopamine is being release in your brain. This creates an addiction to eating and when you get stressed out, you are more likely to turn to it.

#2 – Exercise is not required when taking a weight loss supplement

When you’re taking a weight loss supplement like green coffee bean extract, a lot of people believe that exercise is not required. The truth is, regular amounts of exercise is always going to benefit your weight loss strategy. If you are not exercising, then the only benefit you are being provided is that the weight loss supplement is controlling your appetite. Unless you’re doing something to shed weight quickly, like exercise, it will take you a considerable period of time before you are eating few enough foods to lose weight.

#3 – Losing weight can be accomplished while eating anything I want

Regardless of what any weight-loss ad tells you, or what any weight loss professional tries to get you to believe, losing weight is not going to be nearly as easy if you are eating anything you want. Instead, you need to go on a diet that controls the types of foods that you are eating. You need a diet that reduces your calorie intake and makes burning weight much easier for you. If you don’t do this, it will take much longer for you to lose weight and believing that you can eat anything you want will only be harmful to you.

#4 – Skipping meals will help you lose weight quickly

It is never advised to skip a meal because eating regular meals is how your metabolism works. When you eat regular meals, your metabolism stays functioning correctly and this helps you keep weight off. The best advice is to snack regularly throughout the day, but eat smaller meals instead of skipping. Do not ever skip meals, because this will be damaging to your metabolism. Instead, continue to snack in between meals and downsize the amount of food that you are eating during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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