Best Green Coffee Extract GCA is Life Extension CoffeeGenic 400mg

Our Choice for Best Green Coffee Extract with GCA

Life Extension 400mg CoffeeGenic green coffee extract GCA

Our Best GCA Green Coffee Extract Winner – Life Extension 400mg CoffeeGenic

We considered a lot of brands when trying to pick the best green coffee extract GCA class. some where cheap, others didn’t contain enough green coffee extract that was made with GCA. Others still that I looked at contained a mixture of both GCA green coffee extract and generic off brand extracts to make up the full dose. So what did I look for in making my decision?

The criteria I picked for this class was taking from what the famous TV doctor said that one should look for when making a choice so that they do not get ripped off with an off brand that didn’t work well for fat burning weight loss goals. We judged Life Extensions brand CoffeeGenic 400mg 90 count bottle and it passed all test with flying colors.

First of all it had to contain No fillers or No artificial ingredients. LifeExtension CoffeeGenic contains no fillers or artificial ingredients. Just pure GCA green coffee.

Second, It had to be made from GCA or Svetol green coffee extract. LifeExtension uses only GCA branded green coffee extract in the bottle. No generic green coffee extract to lower the cost. It is 100% pure GCA. It is the only one that passed here that I saw.

Third, it has to be 45% or more chlorogenic acid content. The label on the Life Extension CoffeeGenic claims that it exceeds 45% and actually contains 50% chlorogenic acid. That is even better because chlorogenic acid is the compound that actually burns the fat.

A couple of things to beware of about Life-extensions CoffeeGenic GCA extract is that it comes in both 200mg and 400mg capsules. Because of the study the doctor did on TV where participants lost an average of one pound per week, you should order the 400mg capsules which were being used in the study. The participants took 400mg of green coffee bean extract three times a day. It also helps you to lose more weight if you keep a food journal of what you eat. It makes you more conscience towards dieting and what goes into your mouth. The LifeExtension 400mg CoffeeGenic comes with 90 vegan capsules per bottle. One capsule equals one 400mg serving, so you will get 90 servings per bottle, enough for one months worth of fat burning.

What is the best place to buy LifeExtension CoffeeGenic 400mg supplement? You can save money by buying it online on this website for $27.95 a bottle. Just click here to order.




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