Dr. Oz Reveals If Green Coffee Bean Extract Works for Weight Loss or Not

In a recent TV Show, Dr. Oz talked about if Green Coffee Bean Extract works for weight loss or not. And he conducted his own study to get the answer. The truth may surprise you. Make sure to watch the re-airing of the show on Sept 2nd, 2013 to find the real answer. Click below to watch this episode of the show.

“Green Coffee Bean Extract: Fat Burner or Fraud?”

Also, the original show broadcast I found on YouTube titled “Coffee Bean Extract – The Miracle Pill”

The Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

What did Dr. Oz experiment reveal about the study his medical unit conducted? First I will give you the details about how the green coffee bean fat burning study was conducted. The team enlisted 100 women that were between the ages of 35 and 49 that had a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 45. They were all in good health without major health problems and not pregnant or breastfeeding. The test subjects were given either the green coffee extract or a placebo and they had no idea which they were given. They were told  to take a 400mg capsule 3 times a day – 30 minutes before eating a meal. the participants were told not to change their diet and to keep a food journal of what they ate. After two weeks of time, the participants were weighted.

How did they do with the Green Coffee Bean Extract? After two weeks of testing, the group of women who took the green coffee bean lost on average two pounds of weight loss verse one pound for the group who was given the placebo. Perhaps the reason for the one pound weight loss was that the food journals that they kept made them more conscience of what they were eating. Weight loss at the rate of one pound a week is considered to be good and is safe.

Which Green Coffee  Bean Extract Should I Buy?

Not all green coffee bean extract are equal in quality and hundreds of companies make them. So the buyer has to learn how to read ingredient labels in order that he or she is getting a tested supplement or not. Dr. Oz or The Dr. Oz Show does not sell or endorse any brand of Green Coffee Bean Extract and never will. Don’t be fooled by any emails or website you see with his name or picture on it. But he wanted to make sure that when you go to the store and pick out the best green coffee bean extract to use, he did provide some guidelines on what to look for on the label.

Green Coffee Supplements are sold in three different types and they are not all the same. The first one is made with GCA (aka green coffee antioxidant), The second is made with the brand name Svetol, and the third is generic made with no brand name ingredients and this one you should stay away from because it has not been tested and can be made with inferior ingredients and may provide little or no benefit for weight loss. They are available in 200, 400 or 800mg serving size. Note how many capsules it takes to equal one serving, this has a lot to do with the cost of the supplement. The size used in the experiment were 400mg  capsules. Another thing to look for is that the supplement contains no fillers and no artificial ingredients. Beware of the word “PURE” on the label, make sure that it contains either Svetol or GCA brand on the label. If it doesn’t, please consider a different choice to be safe.

This information can be found on Dr. Oz website at:

The Green Coffee Bean Project

Fact Sheet: Green Coffee Bean

Please review this informative articles before you decide on which Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement to buy.


The following are green coffee bean extract that SPEEDY HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS has identified that meet the recommendations that Dr. Oz identified on his show. These are not endorsed by him or the show.  I provided them here to make your shopping easier for you to do.

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