Differences Between GCA and Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extracts

Many people have watched the Dr. Oz Show and have reviewed his recommendations on to which green coffee bean extract to buy for fat burning. Dr. Oz guideline on choosing a good green coffee extract are as follows:

  • Make sure that is contains GCA or Svetol Green Coffee Extract in the bottle
  • It should be Pure and contains No Fillers and No Artificial Ingredients
  • The Chlorogenic Acid Content must be greater than 45%

So why is this important? Are Not All Green Coffee Extracts the Same?

It is important to make the right choose because all green coffee bean extracts ARE NOT the same. If you want one that works, you need to buy an extract that has been tested. Both GCA and Svetol brands have numerous tests done that prove that they work. If you just buy a generic no name brand, you may not be getting a quality green coffee extract in the bottle. Green Coffee extracts that have not been tested is like throwing a dart at a dart board blindfolded. You may hit the target or most likely not. You could be just throwing your money away by buying something that will yield you NO noticeable results. So stick to a brand name you can trust is the lesson here.

How Do You Know if My Green Coffee Bean Extract Contains Svetol or GCA Extract?

The first thing you need to learn is that you have to read the label ingredient panel. If GCA or Svetol is in the bottle, the label will say so. If you do not see GCA or Svetol on the label. I would not recommend buying that brand. There are a lot of cheap brands out there that contain generic green coffee extract in the bottle. the problem is that we do not know if they work or not. So please read the label.

You should see either the brand name GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) or Svetol. In addition to the brand names, you can look for their logos on the the bottle. Both GCA and Svetol green coffee extract supplements are made buy more than one company. The company name is not that important as long as GCA or Svetol are on the label.

GCA Brand Logo



Svetol Brand Logo



Svetol® is the trademarked green coffee bean extract owned by Naturex; it contains 45% chlorogenic acids. Consumers purchasing products with the Svetol® can rest assure that they are getting an efficaciously dosed green coffee bean extract. GCA® stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant and is the trademarked green coffee bean extract owned by Applied Food Sciences, Inc., and contains 45.9% chlorogenic acids. So if you are purchasing a green coffee bean extract product with GCA® on the label you can be confident you are getting a product with clinically studied amount of chlorogenic acid.

Where to Buy GCA or Svetol Brand Green Coffee Supplements?

We at Speedy Health Supplements have put together a list of green coffee bean extracts that meet the guidelines to make you shopping easier for you to do. You can buy GCA or Svetol green coffee supplements at www.PureGreenCoffeeDiet.com.

You can save time by buying them online and also at the same time get the best price on green coffee bean extract supplements. Most nutrition stores may have one brand or another, but you will most likely pay twice the price. We can ship anywhere in the US and get you the lowest price. So don’t waste your money somewhere else.


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