Life Extension Mega GLA with Sesame Lignans Review

What I know about nutrition is based on a life of on-and-off bad health. For a long time I was suffering from various problems, nothing serious and nothing life-threatening, but annoying things that made me feel like something was wrong. I finally started working with a nutritionist – not cheap – and it’s beginning to make a difference. Life Extension Mega GLA with Sesame Lignans is one of the supplements I will never stop taking for he rest of my life. There are really important jobs for gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in the body, and we just don’t get GLA from food these days.

Life Extension Mega GLA

Life Extension Mega GLA

 One thing that is great about Life Extension brand GLA is that the ingredients are natural and there are no additives that could cause an allergic reaction, unless of course you’re allergic to sesame seeds. Life Extension Mega GLA contains no shellfish, either, so no weird ingredients to feel strange about. I’ve learned a lot about how food effects our bodies. In fact, it makes total sense once you think about it. Everything we eat and drink has an effect and not just a temporary effect. Long term effects of poor nutrition are pretty well understood at this point. And yet people still eat really unhealthy diets.

Since I started taking Life Extension Mega GLA with Sesame Lignans, I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother and healthier. I no longer have inflammation problems in my joints, in other words I experience less pain. It seems crazy to say that I just started taking one new supplement and various ailments disappeared, but that’s what happened. I feel better and I can do exercise that used to be too painful. And because I’m exercising more, I’m also getting healthier. Good and bad health are caused by what you eat. I highly recommend a GLA supplement like Life Extension Mega GLA.

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