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Life Extension 400mg CoffeeGenic

I’ve read about some of the non-natural weight loss pills and supplements. I mean, there’s lots of stuff out there that can make you feel awful. Many prescription weight loss aids are made with stuff like amphetamines. Yikes. I guess if you’re seriously overweight, you may need that kind of jolt. But I just wanted to get a little healthier, you know? Lose the extra belly fat and trim my arms and thighs so that I can wear some of the cuter clothes I see in the stores. I’ve always been self conscious about what I wear because I had always been a bit overweight.

But wow I feel great now! I took Life Extension CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract starting about two months ago. After the first month I already noticed that my clothing didn’t fit as tightly! Okay, I think some of the weight loss had to do with the fact that I also started exercising, which they say you don’t have to do to lose weight with green coffee bean extracts. But why not? I had more energy and didn’t crave sweets as much, and as soon as I started to notice myself losing a bit of weight, I got inspired to work harder at it. I lost a total of 10 pounds in two months and I’m not stopping now.

LifeExtension Coffeegenic Green Coffee Supplement


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