Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Study Shows Promising Results

A recent green coffee extract weight loss study has shown a lot of potential for those looking for an easy way to lose weight. In addition to the studies that have been featured on television and in magazines, there has been more research performed abroad. These studies have been performed on a variety of subjects, so the results are not limited to a particular age or gender group that might be interested in using the green coffee product.

In the most recent study, a group of women was given the green coffee supplement for 22 weeks. The participants consumed a 2400 calorie diet and did not burn more than 400 calories with exercise each day. In spite of these unhealthy conditions, the average participant was shown to lose 17 pounds and keep it off throughout the life of the study. Bad cholesterol was lowered and good cholesterol was raised in nearly all of the participants, as well. In addition to the incredibly promising weight loss results, no adverse effects or side effects were reported by those who had participated.

Another green coffee extract weight loss study was performed abroad just after the study above had finished. This time, the test subjects were middle aged men. The results of this study were largely the same, with weight loss coming in between 10-25 pounds throughout the course of the study and managed to keep it off when a similar diet was followed. Many of the participants had circulation issues and hypertension when they began the study, so there was concern about them participating in a study that featured a caffeine product. None of the participants saw adverse effects to the supplement or a caffeine reaction. In fact, most people who walked in with a cardiovascular condition left the study with improved numbers.

Yet another study was performed recently on a group of young adults. Researchers were curious to see of the metabolism boost common with green coffee extract would continue to show when subjects already had a high functioning metabolism. The results could not have been more impressive. Over 35 percent of participants lost 5 percent of their body weight throughout the course of the study. This was significantly more than those who were being treated with a placebo pill.

There are more studies being planned to confirm the results of using green coffee as a weight loss supplement. Larger trials using 60 people or more are being planned through the University of Scranton. Of course, it’s hardly necessary to wait for these new results to get started with a supplement program of your own. There is already plenty of evidence from the studies that have been performed which concludes that there are serious benefits to using green coffee for your weight loss. Every green coffee extract weight loss study that has been consistent in showing that there are no adverse side effects to using the extract so there is no concern about adding it to your weight loss plan.





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