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Pure green coffee bean extract is one of the most talked about weight loss supplements in the country today. With a nutrient gaining ground as quickly as this one, there will be all kinds of companies looking to make a similar product. So how are you supposed to know which are the quality supplements and which are cutting corners? The best way to get started is to start taking a look at the dose size.

When you start looking at supplements, check to see how large each of the capsules is. Experts recommend that users take between 800-1200 mg a day, so you want to find capsules that will make this kind of dosing possible. Take one or two with each meal, wash them down with a glass of water and then let the extract do its job. If you find small capsules you might find yourself swallowing four or five at once just to get your recommended serving. This is certainly possible, but it is not convenient. Bigger capsules will make it much easier to keep track of how much you have been taking.

Of course, when you start taking larger capsules you need to ask yourself why they are so big. Some supplement companies will add fillers to their tablets so that they can keep costs down. Not only will this rob you of valuable nutrients, but you may be ingesting products that will hinder your weight loss goals. Always read the ingredients in a supplement and do not buy any brands that offer anything less than pure green coffee bean extract in their product. This way you know you will be getting the best quality product for your body.

Not only can fillers disrupt your weight loss cycle, some can lead to unpleasant side effects like bloating or digestive discomfort. You don’t want to deal with that while you are trying to adjust your diet. If you have any food or medical allergies, you could have a serious reaction to your green coffee extract if they contain fillers that set off your symptoms. Why take this kind of risk when you don’t have to? Instead, stick with supplement brands that offer pure coffee extract. That means the ingredients should include green coffee, a capsule casing and absolutely nothing else.

Coffee extract that is pure also includes more of the valuable antioxidants and chlorogenic acid that give the green coffee its fat burning power. The more fillers and additives that are added to a product, the more likely it is that your supplement has been excessively processed. Green coffee extract gets most of its power from being unprocessed and as fresh as possible. If you start investing in very processed or cooked coffee beans, all it will be good for is your morning caffeine buzz. Instead of buying into a product that is probably already sitting in your cupboard, insist on pure green coffee bean extract for your weight loss needs.


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